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Articles within the archive for April 2015

02/04/2015:Government agrees to reimburse diabetes charges - News
02/04/2015:Developing accessible electronic patient records - Events
02/04/2015:Masterclass: workforce planning - Events
03/04/2015:Primary care cancer diagnosis increases survival rates - News
06/04/2015:Egg consumption linked to reduced type 2 diabetes risk - News
06/04/2015:QNI carer resources for practice and school nurses - Professional
06/04/2015:Nurses left out of general practice funding - News
06/04/2015:First implementation in England of Northern Irish workforce planning tool - News
06/04/2015:Written off by the politicans? - News
06/04/2015:The NHS must reflect the black and minority workforce - News
06/04/2015:Community: the fifth field? - News
06/04/2015:General practice nurses 'arrive' but there is more work to do - News
06/04/2015:The nuances of end-of-life care - Blogs
07/04/2015:Florence nightingale leadership scholarships - Professional
07/04/2015:The mystery of hypoglycaemia - Clinical
08/04/2015:Policy digest: Mental health - Professional
08/04/2015:RCM launches election manifesto - News
08/04/2015:Palliative care in the community needs improving - News
08/04/2015:Older people at greater risk of skin cancer - News
08/04/2015:The power of pollen: seasonal rhinoconjunctivitis - Clinical
08/04/2015:Viral infections during pregnancy - Clinical
08/04/2015:The ups and downs of blood sugar levels - Clinical
08/04/2015:Revolutionising care with the Code - Professional
09/04/2015:New motivational interviewing course for practice nurses - News
09/04/2015:Skin lesions of the ear - Clinical
09/04/2015:Keeping well on cruises - Clinical
09/04/2015:Creating caring cultures in health and social care: Getting started - Video Content
09/04/2015:New screening method could improve breast cancer detection - News
10/04/2015:RCN releases guidance on pre-loaded insulin syringes - News
10/04/2015:Respiratory patients at risk from air pollution - News
12/04/2015:Study finds high BMI linked to lower risk of dementia - News
13/04/2015:Shortage of community nurses highlighted in RCN report - News
13/04/2015:Women hesitant to follow up breast symptoms - News
14/04/2015:New e-learning tool to support Care Certificate - News
14/04/2015:Conservatives and Labour commit to NHS investment - News
15/04/2015:Unison members vote to ballot on industrial action over 7-day services - News
16/04/2015:Concerns over high levels of flavouring in e-cigarettes - News
16/04/2015:Lib Dems and UKIP set out health policies ahead of election - News
17/04/2015:Search begins for Welsh nurse of the year - News
17/04/2015:ADHD - what is it, and how can it be treated? - Video Content
17/04/2015:How to Treat Fungal Infections - Video Content
18/04/2015:Ebola outbreak begins to dissipate - News
20/04/2015:Apples lower prescription drug intake - Clinical
20/04/2015:We are all responsible for our own safety - Blogs
20/04/2015:Politicians must attend to practice nursing - News
20/04/2015:Staffing levels unsafe for four years running - News
20/04/2015:Learning modules address communication difficulties with FGM - News
20/04/2015:Investment in the NHS is a hot topic for political party manifestos - News
20/04/2015:More nurses, more services, better care - Blogs
20/04/2015:Telehealth and Telecare conference - Events
21/04/2015:Prevenar 13 protects older people - Clinical
21/04/2015:Care certificate e-learning tool - Professional
21/04/2015:Culture change - Professional
21/04/2015:Seven-day services: the next NHS flashpoint? - News
21/04/2015:Fungal infections of the skin - Clinical
21/04/2015:Supporting teenagers with ADHD - Clinical
21/04/2015:RCM members to strike in Northern Ireland - News
21/04/2015:Deterioration of mental health in girls - News
21/04/2015:Women with Hyperemesis Gravidarum struggle to access medication - News
22/04/2015:Memory app - Professional
22/04/2015:The heavy burden of cancer on men - Clinical
22/04/2015:Mobile working key to depleted DNs meeting demand - News
22/04/2015:Prescribing for milk intolerance products has risen - News
22/04/2015:Lack of awareness over allergy symptoms - News
22/04/2015:Carers health - Professional
22/04/2015:Penicillins might increase colorectal cancer risk - Clinical
23/04/2015:Community nursing advisor for NHS England - News
23/04/2015:Maintaining motivation under pressure - Professional
23/04/2015:The latest treatments for COPD - Clinical
23/04/2015:Managing social media in healthcare - Events
24/04/2015:Who will get your vote? Health policy roundup - News
24/04/2015:Smoking cessation cuts cardiovascular disease risk - News
24/04/2015:New malaria vaccine could prevent millions of cases - News
26/04/2015:Traditional primary care outperforms alternative providers - News
27/04/2015:Thousands missing out on diabetic foot checks - News
28/04/2015:Youth diabetes mortality rate highest in EU - News
28/04/2015:Increase in demand for dementia helpline - News
28/04/2015:Lack of access to continence services for care home patients - News
28/04/2015:Immunisation and public health: why we are all in it together - Clinical
29/04/2015:Workforce shortages could prevent implementation of Five Year Forward View - News
29/04/2015:More nurses are needed to provide safe care - News
29/04/2015:Bowel cancer patients not advised to exercise - News
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