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Articles within the archive for June 2015

01/06/2015:Common skin problems in primary and community care - Clinical
01/06/2015:NICE consults on TB guidance - News
01/06/2015:Simple measures prevent healthcare associated infections - Clinical
01/06/2015:A primary care revolution or another step towards burnout? - News
01/06/2015:Statin prescribing and diabetes - Clinical
01/06/2015:West Midland universities pilot practice nurse training programme - News
01/06/2015:South Asian charity wins Diabetes team of the year - News
01/06/2015:Social enterprise takes over school nursing contract - News
02/06/2015:A third of school children have inadequate diabetes plans - News
02/06/2015:Reducing medication errors - Events
02/06/2015:Psychosis and Schizophrenia in Adults - Events
02/06/2015:Eliminating avoidable pressure ulcers - Events
02/06/2015:Accountability and first steps for healthcare support workers - Events
02/06/2015:Diabetes resources - Professional
02/06/2015:Skin conditions: a visual guide - Professional
02/06/2015:Healthy children are the country’s future - Blogs
02/06/2015:RCN appoints new chief executive and general secretary - News
03/06/2015:NICE medicines optimisation guideline implementation workshops - Events
03/06/2015:Devolution of health and social care - Events
03/06/2015:Basic wound care – clinical skills - Video Content
03/06/2015:Diabetes nurse-led clinic - Video Content
03/06/2015:Dermatology update for primary care - Video Content
03/06/2015:Complete guide to hand washing - Video Content
03/06/2015:QNI launches consultation on district nursing standards - News
03/06/2015:A day in the life of... - Professional
03/06/2015:Children from lower income families at double risk of early mortality - News
03/06/2015:Taking diabetes care to schools - Professional
03/06/2015:A bright future for community care - Blogs
03/06/2015:Let's make some noise about blood pressure - Blogs
03/06/2015:Genital psoriasis, in images - Clinical
04/06/2015:New light shed on vitamin D - Clinical
04/06/2015:Getting the best out of your placement students - Professional
04/06/2015:Community nursing at heart - Professional
04/06/2015:NICE suspends community nursing staffing guidance - News
05/06/2015:Electronic training for health visitors to reduce childhood accidents - News
07/06/2015:Prevention and access crucial says mental health survey - News
07/06/2015:ANPs are a 'perfect fit' - Blogs
08/06/2015:Fat could reduce risk of fatal heart attack - News
08/06/2015:Lack of awareness around diabetes link to sight loss - News
08/06/2015:Consultation on menopause guideline - News
09/06/2015:Referral system for CBT sees 60% recovery rates - News
09/06/2015:National summit for improving the lives of carers - Events
10/06/2015:Calls for tobacco tax to fund smoking cessation services - News
10/06/2015:Aerobic exercise could ease asthma symptoms - News
11/06/2015:Jane Cummings clears up safe staffing misconceptions - News
12/06/2015:First Admiral nurse appointed to South West London - News
12/06/2015:The revised NMC Code – what you need to know - News
15/06/2015:Learn about multiple sclerosis online - Professional
15/06/2015:Diabetic foot pressure ulcer - Video Content
15/06/2015:Dysphagia and Parkinson's disease - Video Content
15/06/2015:Prostate cancer treatment support - Video Content
15/06/2015:Dysphagia and safe swallowing - Clinical
15/06/2015:MERS outbreak in South Korea - News
15/06/2015:Local authority budget cuts will pressurise primary care - News
15/06/2015:Nurses take on mountain climb for welfare charity - News
16/06/2015:Healthy eating for life: start young - Clinical
16/06/2015:Looking out not in: educating the public - Blogs
16/06/2015:Dementia has disproportionate impact on women - News
16/06/2015:Air pollution in California - News
16/06/2015:Hepatitis most prevalent disease in incarcerated patients - News
17/06/2015:First steps for healthcare assistants - Professional
17/06/2015:Managing heel pressure ulcers to improve quality of life - Clinical
17/06/2015:Taking diabetes seriously - Blogs
17/06/2015:Coping with chronic wounds - Clinical
17/06/2015:Updating district nursing standards - Blogs
17/06/2015:First baby from frozen ovarian tissue - News
18/06/2015:Patient education key to reducing diabetes complications - News
18/06/2015:Demystifying the ANP role - News
18/06/2015:Genetic testing for heart disease rolled out - News
18/06/2015:The value of Queen's Nurses - Professional
18/06/2015:Oral health and the homeless - Professional
19/06/2015:Raising awareness of penile cancer - Clinical
19/06/2015:Inspiring asthma management - Professional
19/06/2015:Burdett Trust requests grant proposals - Professional
19/06/2015:Health secretary's new deal for general practice focuses on physician associates - News
22/06/2015:RCN congress votes to lobby UK governments to end child inequality - News
22/06/2015:Peter Carter implores nurses to speak up against government policies - News
23/06/2015:RCN must lobby government to u-turn on safe staffing - News
23/06/2015:Community nurses should stop holding on to job titles - News
24/06/2015:Community nursing and integrated healthcare services discussed - News
24/06/2015:Community nurses face increased abuse from patients - News
24/06/2015:RCN aims to improve student bursaries - News
24/06/2015:Nurse specialists 'crucial' to improving access to palliative care - News
24/06/2015:Diagnosis rates of STIs in England soars - News
24/06/2015:Nurses come out against climate change - News
25/06/2015:Nurses debate the value of strike action - News
26/06/2015:RCN must challenge 'attack' on unsocial hours pay - News
27/06/2015:Palliative pain relief suffers in community settings - News
29/06/2015:Nurses have a duty to speak up about poor practice - News
29/06/2015:Community nurses lack information about revalidation - News
30/06/2015:Test could reduce unnecessary prescriptions by 10 million - News
30/06/2015:New guidance for iron deficiency anaemia - News
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