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Articles within the archive for July 2015

01/07/2015:Top 5 clinical articles on supporting health in the summer - News
01/07/2015:Nurses must ensure patients understand heatwave risks - News
01/07/2015:Nursing education funding an 'inconsistent patchwork' - News
02/07/2015:‘Vital’ for nurses to encourage children’s exercise - News
03/07/2015:COPD may be over diagnosed under new guidelines - News
03/07/2015:Carers’ health needs support from primary care nurses - News
03/07/2015:Health visitor target just missed - News
04/07/2015:New MenB vaccination programmes are first in the world - News
06/07/2015:Underfunded community services impact dementia care - News
06/07/2015:First practice placements for Birmingham students - News
06/07/2015:Challenging health consumerism - Blogs
07/07/2015:Prescriptions double over the last decade - News
07/07/2015:North Tyneside pilots new model of health checks - News
07/07/2015:Health visiting leader named in clinical leaders list - News
08/07/2015:Two new nurses employed from waste savings - News
08/07/2015:More midwives needed to improve breast-feeding - News
08/07/2015:Pay restraint to hit nurses for four more years - News
10/07/2015:Nurses and midwives must understand distinction between reporting and recording FGM - News
13/07/2015:Investment needed in general practice to tackle child obesity - News
14/07/2015:Primary care nurses should be aware of breast cancer in older women - News
15/07/2015:Record numbers of diabetes-related amputations carried out each week - News
17/07/2015:New community centre in South Wales - News
17/07/2015:Community nursing boost in Wales - News
18/07/2015:Self triage for sexual health concerns - News
18/07/2015:Antipsychotics prescribed to ‘too many’ LD patients - News
19/07/2015:Practice nursing group celebrates 20th anniversary - News
20/07/2015:NICE to publish evidence on community safe staffing - News
20/07/2015:New community strategy to improve dementia diagnosis in Kingston - News
20/07/2015:Budget cuts leads to 'rationing' of public health services - News
21/07/2015:First ever commissioning strategy released for nurses - News
21/07/2015:Risks identified to developing community services - News
21/07/2015:Are we ready for one-size-fits-all? - News
22/07/2015:NHS must evolve for an ageing population - Blogs
22/07/2015:Are we close to a contraceptive pill for men? - Clinical
22/07/2015:Expansion of seven day community service in North Lincs - News
22/07/2015: RCN school nurses' conference - Professional
22/07/2015:Eating disorder training - Professional
22/07/2015:Simplifying venous leg ulcer management - Professional
22/07/2015: Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists travel scholarships - Professional
22/07/2015:RCN guidance on end of life care - Professional
22/07/2015:ANPs a key resource in the future of the NHS - News
23/07/2015:New priorities for adults with bipolar disorder - News
23/07/2015:How to prevent amputations - Clinical
23/07/2015:Not invisible, just overlooked - Blogs
24/07/2015:Making better use of data feedback - News
24/07/2015:Recognising rheumatoid arthritis - Clinical
24/07/2015:Successful 50-year-olds more at risk of harmful drinking - News
26/07/2015:Communication skills for nursing practice - Professional
26/07/2015:Developing person-centred practice - Professional
26/07/2015:Understanding nursing as a profession - Professional
27/07/2015:Medication and osteoporosis - Clinical
27/07/2015:Selling the value of practice nursing - News
27/07/2015:Advising travellers on sun safety - Clinical
27/07/2015:Encouraging findings from revalidation pilots - News
28/07/2015:Professionalism on social media - Professional
28/07/2015:Alison Byrne, Birmingham - Professional
28/07/2015:Succesful carers support - Professional
28/07/2015:Primary care services vital in combating hepatitis C - News
28/07/2015:NHS constitution updated to reflect post-Francis NHS - News
28/07/2015:Higher demand for advanced nurses due to GP shortage - News
29/07/2015:Just one piece of the puzzle - Blogs
29/07/2015:Strong relationship between nurse and GP can improve palliative care - News
30/07/2015:Rise in nurses prescribing controlled drugs - News
31/07/2015:Submissions requested for primary care inquiry - News
31/07/2015:Salford student midwives awarded record marks - News
31/07/2015:Referral delays cause cancer patients to mistrust healthcare professionals - News
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