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Articles within the archive for June 2017

01/06/2017:Two thirds of people willing to pay more tax to fill gaps in NHS funding - News
01/06/2017:Chance to merge mental and physical healthcare 'must not be missed' - News
02/06/2017:Beginning statin therapy - Clinical
02/06/2017:New professionalism guide - Professional
02/06/2017:Transition to school nursing - Professional
02/06/2017:Correct contact details? - Professional
02/06/2017:Animals in Health - Professional
02/06/2017:Flight Nursing Workshop - Professional
02/06/2017:Perinatal mental health - Professional
02/06/2017:Coping with bureaucracy - Professional
02/06/2017:The bright future of nursing leadership - Blogs
02/06/2017:When politics and care collide - Blogs
02/06/2017:Rise in older mothers leads to calls for more midwives - News
02/06/2017:Health visitors ‘should promote the positive side’ of social media to children - News
02/06/2017:Funding for projects to help ‘the marginalised in society’ - News
02/06/2017:Lack of learning disability nurses could reduce number of autism diagnoses - News
02/06/2017:Temperature linked to gestational diabetes risk - Clinical
02/06/2017:HRT linked to hearing loss - Clinical
02/06/2017:Cotton-bud risks highlighted - Clinical
02/06/2017:Medications cut motoring accidents in ADHD - Clinical
02/06/2017:New insights on incontinence-associated dermatitis - Clinical
02/06/2017:Constipation: A guide to assessment and treatment - Clinical
02/06/2017:Government childcare scheme: 10 facts - Professional
02/06/2017:Book review: The Matter of the Heart - Professional
02/06/2017:Career profile: Sarah Kiernan, London - Professional
02/06/2017:General Election 2017: Manifesto rundown - News
02/06/2017:Pay restraint: time for action? - News
05/06/2017:Cuts to infection prevention put government targets in doubt - News
06/06/2017:Calls to push breastfeeding as 'overwhelming body of evidence' shows benefits for C-section pain - News
06/06/2017:Weight gain guidelines 'vital' to avoid adverse affects for expecting mothers - News
06/06/2017:Syphilis spike and gay men at hepatitis risk in latest STI figures - News
06/06/2017:SNP policy in firing line as nursing vacancies in Scotland at all-time high - News
08/06/2017:Perinatal mental health major strain on NHS finances - News
08/06/2017:Calls for merge of physical and mental health - News
13/06/2017:Sharp drop in EU nurses a 'wake-up call' for government's Brexit talks - News
13/06/2017:Need for further dementia training 'to stop preventable cases' - News
14/06/2017:Wound care is 'forgotten cost driver' which could cost CCGs £50 million annually - News
14/06/2017:Demands to 'scrap the pay cap' as inflation at four-year high - News
14/06/2017:'Don't turn the clock back' on abortion rights, letter tells PM before DUP deal - News
14/06/2017:'Radical overhaul' of nursing education will focus on mental health and the community - News
15/06/2017:Midwives 'ideally placed' as babies with obese mothers more likely to suffer birth defects - News
15/06/2017:'Battle not yet won' as number of smokers falls by half a million - News
16/06/2017:Hunt considering lift on pay cap due to 'goodwill' for nurses - News
16/06/2017:Communities will put end to 'fractured' health and social care services - News
16/06/2017:'Pioneering' diabetes prevention programme expanding across England - News
19/06/2017:'Digital therapies' may be used to bolster mental health care - News
19/06/2017:'We are being forced out of jobs we love': Unions write to PM on pay cap - News
19/06/2017:QNI chief heads up nursing honourees in birthday list - News
19/06/2017:Number of pregnant smokers remains low in England - News
20/06/2017:Nurses could start prescribing sooner under proposed rule changes - News
20/06/2017:'Enough is enough': Survey shows nurses going without food to feed children - News
20/06/2017:Nurses asked to help in push for more black blood donors - News
20/06/2017:£10 million to be poured into community support for learning disabilities - News
21/06/2017:Animal practice protocol to be launched in 2017 - News
21/06/2017:Different care could save hundreds of babies - News
21/06/2017:Midwives rendered 'ineffective' by staffing shortfalls - News
21/06/2017:Nurses urged to stay hydrated in heatwave - News
21/06/2017:Queen's speech criticised for 'scarcely mentioning' nurses or pay cap - News
22/06/2017:Midwives 'crucial' to get mothers talking about mental health - News
22/06/2017:UK stillbirth rate falls, but 'still much more to do' - News
23/06/2017:HIV rates drop for first time - News
23/06/2017:Mothers at risk of postnatal psychosis 'must be engaged' - News
26/06/2017:Cross-party MPs join in bid to give abortion rights to Northern Irish women - News
27/06/2017:'Summer of protest' begins with nurses engaged in nationwide action - News
28/06/2017:MPs to vote on public sector pay cap in Queen's speech debate - News
28/06/2017:General practice nurse the UK's most trusted profession, but more are 'desperately needed' - News
28/06/2017:New 'flexibility' gets two drugs on Cancer Drugs Fund early - News
29/06/2017:More sick days taken than ever as nurses 'feel the strain' of budget limitations - News
29/06/2017:'Bitter disappointment' as MPs vote to keep the pay cap - News
29/06/2017:Retention project kicks off as NHS losing nurses at 'alarming rate' - News
29/06/2017:Government may withdraw promise of 10,000 new student nurses, universities say - News
30/06/2017:'The time is up': Promises to lift pay cap from Scottish government - News
30/06/2017:Six in 10 CCGs failing to meet talking therapy targets - News
30/06/2017:Northern Irish women will have abortions in England funded by government - News
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