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The twisted morality of outlawing abortion

A leaked ‘Draft Opinion’ from the US Supreme Court has indicated that the court is likely to overturn the Roe vs Wade ruling which guarantees the right to a legal, safe abortion. If implemented, it will leave individual states free to ban abortion

Improving care by releasing the creativity of nurses

Too often, nurses feel undervalued and unable to work to their full potential. They are rarely involved in decision making, despite their understanding of services and patients’ needs. When they are properly valued, however, they can put this knowledge to good use

The cost of living crisis is bad for your health

Natural justice would ordain that health and social care professionals were due a break, after two years of coping with a pandemic, but no such luck. With inflation running at around 6%, the 3% pay award for NHS staff becomes objectively a pay cut

The legacy of COVID-19 – two years on

With the best will in the world, COVID-19 would still have hit the UK hard, but had we started with a better health infrastructure, and had the Government acted more decisively, would we still have seen 175,000 people perish from the disease?

Practice nursing – saving the Cinderella service

it is very odd that one group who have played a key role in rolling out one of our main defence against COVID-19 – the vaccine programme – should feel largely invisible.They are nurses like me who work in general practice.

A century of self-awareness

Dr Aaron T Beck, of Pennsylvania in the USA, passed away at the beginning of this month at the impressive age of 100. He may well be the greatest medical pioneer you have never heard of

Time to Take Action on Sugar During Sugar Awareness Week

Excess sugar intake is linked to tooth decay and increases the risk of weight gain which can mean a higher likelihood of living with overweight, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. We, as a population from young children to older people, are exceeding our daily maximum sugar intakes by double or even three times what we should be eating.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?

The clinch that brought down Matt Hancock was the sort of awkward fumble more often seen in the school disco than in the old News of the World, and yet to the public it was infinitely more obscene. Mr Hancock was making rules that the public followed stoically, but he clearly didn’t believe that they applied to him

Black health matters

?In the tumultuous story of the last year or so – which will be much more fun for people to study in the future than it is to live through now – the question of race and racial inequality has loomed almost as large as the pandemic

The Nurse and Diabetes Care

For World Diabetes Day, Professor Andrew Boulton of the International Diabetes Federation explains the importance of nurses in managing the condition

The sick man of western democracy

?If they were your patients, you’d probably be advising them to stay home right now, but in the US two men in their Seventies are vying to become President

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