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Regulation is needed for off-label drugs

The GMC is currently revising its guidelines, in part to enable health professionals to prescribe off-label or unlicensed medicines on the basis of cost. While the council is thought to have stepped back from its original proposal to abandon the need to i

Most nurses are still putting patients first

Last week, a national newspaper (The Independent and its spin-off 'i') launched a 'hard-hitting investigation' into 'the crisis of British nursing'. In its first instalment, columnist Christina Patterson talked of her own poor experiences at the hands of

Speak out about the good work nurses do

Confidence to speak in public does not come naturally to many people. There are a few naturals and can speak fluently and genuinely, connecting with an audience and knowing instinctively how to pitch their talk and when to stop. Most people have to learn,

NHS must be environmentally sustainable

The NHS in England has a carbon footprint that exceeds emissions from all planes departing Heathrow airport, and produces enough sewage to fill Wembley stadium once every 16 days.

Making a difference to dementia patients

Caring for someone with dementia is a huge challenge. It is hard on families, spouses and friends to support someone when the 'real' person seems to be slipping away, and their personality changes beyond recognition.

Without fanfare, the Bill receives assent

What would you say dominated last week's national news? The publication of the UK Riot Report? Or the promise of hosepipe bans, petrol shortages and price hikes in stamps and hot pies?

All nurses need mental health training

Last month, the DH published a review on the future capability of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent regulator of health and social care services in England.

We can learn from the history of nursing

Is nursing history important? It is to me, because I am a nurse and I am interested in history, so the chance to combine the two things is irresistible. I feel privileged to be a member of the steering group for the RCN's History of Nursing Society, which

Nurse vision avoids staff shortage

Last week heralded the publication of the government's 'vision and model for school nursing', delayed by three months but no more inspired for the extra time in development.

Older patients miss out on cancer care

Half of people newly diagnosed with cancer in the UK are over 70, so it is likely that community and practice nurses will come into contact with an older person living with the disease.

Compassion is a vital quality, NHS-wide

Dignity is 'the essence of proper nursing' according to Sir Keith Pearson, chair of the NHS Confederation, and one of the authors of Delivering Dignity: securing dignity in care for older people in hospitals and care homes.

Ensuring children have a say in their care

The NSF for children, young people and maternity services; Healthy Lives Brighter Futures; the Kennedy Review: there have been landmark moments in children's health policy over the last ten years.

Listen to nurses, if not Stephen Fry

It is easy to jump on the bandwagon in opposing the Health and Social Care Bill. Rarely a day goes by when an influential body does not add its name to the list of those demanding that ministers kill off the troubled legislation.

NHS redesign must not ignore dementia

The Health Select Committee's review of how health and social care systems are coping in the tough economic climate, published in January, highlights the need for a radical shake up of how we fund health and social care.

Help commissioners understand services

The government, currently driving the controversial Health and Social Care Bill through Parliament, says nurses can be on the boards of clinical commissioning boards (CCGs), which are replacing PCTs.

Exercise your networking skills this year

Nursing has always been a small world. For all the vast number of nurses in the workforce, it is amazing how often the same names appear, the same faces are seen, and the same organisations feature in news, awards and journals.

Improve nursing care by investing in staff

When, earlier this month, prime minister David Cameron proclaimed that 'nursing needs to be about patients, not paperwork' he provoked anger from nurses keen to point out that understaffing is at the heart of poor patient care.

Strike, but don't give up on commissioning

Last Wednesday, many nurses from across primary and secondary care opted to strike over the government's proposed pension changes, along with countless other public sector workers. Many other nurses chose not to exercise their right to strike.

Campaigning to nip tokenism in the bud

Campaigns are like buses, and in this edition of Independent Nurse, we are highlighting three of them. In addition to Labour's Drop the Bill campaign, outlined in our exclusive interview with shadow health secretary Andy Burnham, there is an update on the

Find out about your indemnity situation

The RCN's decision to remove personal indemnity for practice nurses from its member benefits, (covered in this issue's news focus) is no doubt based on sound financial reasoning.

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