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Managing patients’ diagnoses with gout in primary care settings

Margaret Perry looks at the causes of and treatments for this painful condition

Gout is an extremely common condition associated with pain and inflammation, which can, when at its most severe affect quality of life. One or more joints can be affected, although the most common site is the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint, of the great toes. Some are unfortunate enough to suffer recurrent episodes necessitating advice and treatment. Given the prevalence of this condition it is likely that nurse prescribers and practice nurses will be asked for advice and guidance. This article will enhance knowledge and give nurses greater confidence in dealing with this condition.


There is evidence to suggest that gout is increasing in incidence both in the UK and worldwide. The condition is more common in males than females and its occurrence rises with increasing age, plateauing at around the age
of 80.1

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