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Treating vulvovaginal candidiasis

Vaginal discharge presents regularly in practice. Suneeta Kochhar recaps diagnosis and treatment of thrush

Women of child-bearing age presenting with vaginal discharge are common in general practice. Some women may present to a genitourinary medicine clinic. It is important to consider whether a sexually transmitted infection might be responsible in a woman presenting with vaginal discharge. 1

Eliciting a history of the presenting complaint is key. The woman may have specific concerns regarding the aetiology of the vaginal discharge. Further questioning should elicit when the discharge started, its colour, when it is present, does it vary according to the menstrual cycle, whether there is a smell associated with it and what its consistency is like. Ascertaining how the discharge has changed from what is usual for the woman will be useful. Systemic review might reveal itching, urinary symptoms, abdominal pain, bleeding, dyspareunia and/or fever.1

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