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Biggest nursing news stories of 2016

2016 has seen some surprising developments in the nursing profession. Independent Nurse provided analysis of some of the biggest stories and how they will impact primary care nurses

Every issue of Independent Nurse features an in-depth look at some of the issues in primary care and community nursing. 2016 has seen some surprising developments, not just in the world, but in the nursing profession. The decision to remove the student nurse bursary sparked a round of protests, while another year of pay freezes is taking its toll on the quality of life of midwives and nurses.

The housing crisis for health staff
High housing costs are quickly making it unfeasible for nurses and other healthcare workers to live in some areas of the UK. While pay for nurses has risen by 1%, barely above the official rate of inflation at 0.5%, house prices and rental costs in some areas have risen by more than 30 times this.

The battle for women’s bodies
Abortion has always and will always be seen from a number of different viewpoints: medical, ethical, moral or religious. However, many medical professionals do not believe that this should be the case.

The evolution of eating disorders
Meet the orthorexics: smart, health-conscious professionals eating themselves ill. The condition manifests as a near-pathological obsession with cutting out food considered ‘unhealthy’ which can have damaging consequences.

The new cost of patient care
With the abolition of the student bursary, people wishing to train as nurses and midwives face debts of more than £50,000 as a thanks for their commitment to caring.

Retirement or revalidation?
How would the NHS cope if it lost a fifth of its nurses? Shocking findings from Independent Nurse’s revalidation survey suggest 20% of the workforce could leave instead of revalidating.

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