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COVID-19: Infection rates 3 times lower for double vaccinated people

Infection rates for double vaccinated under-65s are 3 times lower than in unvaccinated under-65s, a new study has shown

Infection rates for double vaccinated under-65s are 3 times lower than in unvaccinated under-65s, a new study has shown.

The data also shows infections have quadrupled since the last REACT-1 study, which took place from 20 May to 7 June, with 1 in 170 people infected and a recent doubling time of 6 days. There have been substantial increases in all age groups under the age of 75 years, and especially at younger ages, with the highest prevalence for 13 to 17 years at 1.33% and 18 to 24 years at 1.40%. Additionally, infections have increased in all regions with the largest increase in London, where prevalence has increased more than eightfold from 0.13% in round 12 to 1.08% in round 13.

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‘As we unlock society and learn to live with COVID-19, we will inevitably see cases rise significantly over coming weeks. But today’s findings show that infection rates are 3 times lower for those who have had 2 vaccine doses,’ said Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid.

‘It is more important than ever to get that life-saving second jab so we can continue to weaken the link between cases, hospitalisations and deaths and build a wall of defence against the virus. As we move from regulations to guidance and get back to our everyday lives, see our loved ones and return to work, it is vital people practise good sense and take personal responsibility for their own health and those around them.’

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The latest data from Public Health England (PHE) shows that the vaccination programme has saved over 27,000 lives and has prevented over 7 million people from getting COVID-19. It also shows that both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine can reduce symptomatic infection by almost 80%.

‘It is hugely encouraging to see the vaccination rollout is having a significant impact on stopping the spread of the virus. Almost two thirds of adults – 64% – have had both doses, and so have got the fullest protection on offer,’ said COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment Minister Nadhim Zahawi.

‘I urge everyone to get their first and second dose when invited, as every jab helps to curb transmission and serious illness. The small number of people who are double jabbed and experience symptoms should continue to get tested so we all play our part to stop the spread of this awful virus.’