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Primary care nurses will have to deal with a variety of conditions and these are the articles that nurses found the most useful in enhancing their clinical practice

Primary care nurses will have to deal with a variety of conditions across respiratory medicine, diabetes, wound care and sexual health. These are the articles that nurses clicked on the most and found the most useful in enhancing their clinical practice.

Short burst oxygen therapy: A practice nurses’ guide
Practice nurses will regularly have to advise patients about COPD and this article provides the key points on short burst oxygen therapy and updated guidance from the British Thoracic Society which no longer recommends SBOT. The article instead highlights alternative therapies that can help to improve the quality of life for patients with COPD.

Managing constipation in adults with co-morbidities
Constipation affects many adults and is a common yet debilitating disorder. This article outlines the many different causes and the methods of assessment which practice nurses can use. It can be treated and managed in a number of ways too.

The management of shingles
Increasing age is a risk factor for shingles as well as those who are immunocompromised. The shingles vaccination programme aims to reduce the incidence of shingles, but should any patients presents with the symptoms, this article describes how to manage it.

UK medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use
Changes to contraceptive advice for women with varying medical conditions are outlined in this article. It is important for practice nurses to be aware of these changes as some conditions have been removed and other forms of contraception have been included in the criteria.

Cardiovascular disease in men: an overview for primary care nurses
Cardiovascular disease is the second most common cause of death in middle-aged men, so it important that primary care nurses are aware of the risk factors and physiological signs. This article breaks down all the lifestyle factors that primary care nurses can look out for in young and middle-aged men that could be contributing to their risk.

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