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Top professional articles of 2015

We look back at the best professional articles of 2015.

Appearing at a coroner’s inquest
Scott Lister and Jane Scullion discuss being called and giving evidence at the coroner’s court. Giving evidence can be daunting and complicated so this article breaks down the ways to do it. Nurses have a duty to give evidence under the NMC Code.

Social prescribing pioneers
Seeta Bhardwa explores how the Bromley by Bow Centre provides holistic care to the community. The centre is one of the first in the country to use social prescribing, a method which looks at whole person care and unites health and social care to help a patient.

Is this the care you'd want?
Ethics is the starting point for good nursing practice, writes Emma Vincent. This article explores the ethical dilemmas nurses may face and some suggestions on how to approach them.

Achieving parity of esteem
Kate Dale discusses how one trust is providing physical health checks for mental health patients. Patients with serious mental illness often have physical conditions too that are missed due to a lack of screening. The Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust is ensuring that all patients with a serious mental health illness are given a physical health check.

Revolutionising care with the Code

The Nursing and Midwifery Council updated the Code for nurses this year. Seeta Bhardwa looks at the key sections of the revised Code for practice and community nurses.

Future-proofing practice nursing
In order to address the practie nurse shortage, Gil Ramsden explains how one Leeds CCG is encouraging nurses into general practice. The programme puts students in placements in general practice with the aim to produce versatile new nurses.