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Cultivating resilience as a nurse

Nicola Davies explains how nurses can safeguard their wellbeing in stressful conditions

Recent coverage of the crisis in nursing has not made for comfortable reading. Research suggests that the NHS is short of 42,855 nurses, with those leaving the workforce citing a range of reasons, including pay cuts, low morale, understaffing, uncertainty over Brexit, and poor work-life balance. Could resilience help nurses weather the storm?

What the figures say

More than 17,000 nurses under the age of 40 left the NHS in 2016/17. The RCN has claimed that the NHS is ‘haemorrhaging’ nurses at a time of unparalleled demand for health and social care services, describing the situation as a ‘perfect storm’ that is engulfing nursing in the UK.1 On an even darker note, a 24% increased risk of suicide amongst female health professionals has been recorded by the Office of National Statistic (ONS),largely explained by a high suicide risk among female nurses.2

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