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Deadly choices: how the anti-vaccine movement threatens us all

Detail and debate on the anti-vaccine movement, discussed in this book review.

This book is not for the fainthearted. However, diligence brings its own rewards as within is contained a truly fascinating history of vaccination and immunisation from the time of Jenner to the present day.

It is comprehensive and, for the most part, readable. Hidden within it were the answers to questions around immunisation that had bothered me for some years, but that I'd never got around to looking up the answers to. One such question concerned the emphasis that we now put on the acellular form of the pertussis vaccination.

The answer to this question, and the difficulty surrounding the development of an effective and safe pertussis vaccine lies within. It is but one thread in this book, which actually focuses on the various anti-vaccine movements and how their arguments were defeated systematically.

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