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LinkedIn is the only social networking site to meet a healthcare professional's career needs. By Gerry Lee

There are many ways for nurses to network and in this era of high speed internet and WiFi, it may seem daunting deciding which social media platforms to use. Most people can name several applications and commonly use ones like Facebook but this is mainly for friends and family. The old adage is not to mix business and pleasure and it is for this reason that nurses should use a reliable and reputable platform for professional purposes. One such site is LinkedIn and this article will outline what it is and how you could benefit from joining it.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site and was launched in May 2003. By October 2015, it had over 400 million registered users in over 200 countries and territories and available in 24 languages. In the UK alone, there are 20 million users.
As the healthcare sector is a large employer in the UK, there are many NHS and non-NHS healthcare professionals on LinkedIn including nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants, practice managers, and GPs.

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