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Resilience: increasing our bouncebackability

Nita Muir looks at the development of our understanding of resilience in nursing

Resilience is frequently associated as being essential to the practice of nursing, with a broad understanding that being resilient means that an individual can turn challenges into opportunities, whilst also learning from these situations. Resilience is viewed as a state of positive adaptation, essentially by the individual, to adversity. Adversity needs to be present for resilient behaviour, such as ‘bouncing back’, to occur.1 

The ability to ‘bounce back’ is quite a tall order for nurses in the current climate. Challenges are occurring with increasing frequency, with adversity within the context of emotionally demanding work and difficult working conditions, a daily event. Nurses are not ‘bouncing’ back, citing stress and poor work/life balances, being significant factors for individuals leaving the profession from June 2021 to June 2022.2 

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