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A survey of advanced nurse practitioners reveals barriers to referrals, pay inequalities across the discipline and a need for regulation.

Nurses practising in advanced roles face challenging times. The recent disturbing news from the NMC about suspension of work on a regulatory framework for advanced practice; the uncertainty of the changes unfolding in the Health and Social Care Act; and a new government agenda driving regional pay will all impact on the working conditions and professional development of nurses in advanced roles across public and independent sectors.

Against this backdrop, the RCN Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) forum surveyed members, gathering responses and opinions about issues pertinent to their roles.

The results, soon to be published in their entirety in the ANP newsletter, Fast Forward, reveal a group of nurses committed to their role, undertaking additional training in the absence of a clear regulatory framework, embracing non-medical prescribing and overcoming professional barriers to provide high quality care for their patients.

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