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NMC fee increase approved

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The NMC Council has voted to increase the regulator's annual registration fee to £120.

The £20 fee increase will begin in March 2015. The council has said that they will review the fee level every year.

The NMC has released a statement asserting that 70 per cent of its members do not claim tax relief on their registration fees, which could save nurses and midwives up to £177 a year.

Other nursing organisations have criticised the decision. Unite staged a protest against the fee rise outside the NMC's headquarters. The RCN's head of policy Howard Catton said: 'We urge the NMC to consider the unintended consequences that raising the registration fee may have.'

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Why do we have to pay to work! It is outrageous! We get hardly much of a pay rise(although the government has now changed this and even less people get pay rises now). Unless the NMC are facing us with lots of new changes, that benefit us and make the £120 worth while, then at the moment all it is just the NMC making money for doing nothing! If you have more than one noted qualification, you then have to pay more to be on the register twice! Its day light robbery. Not impressed I've been registered 5 years and has already gone up twice, thats a lot.
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With a near 20% fee increase last year and now again, all this along with government bail outs I am seriously concerned about the ability of the NMC's ability to perform as a regulatory body.
They can't balance their books and show no respect at all to the professionals that pay them despite a massive stranglehold on pay making just the essentials a treat to afford!!!
I am disgusted, it's about time the NMC was not the only choice of regulatory body we have.
They are killing off the very professions that they represent!
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i would like to thank you for taking yet MORE money off me when i already get pittance.
I dont care what excuse you come up with the fees are way too high.
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Thank you NMC for raising the fees yet again when wages haven't been raised for years. It would be nice to see what we are paying for in this increase. In a time when wages are not keeping up with inflation nurses have been taking a pay cut for years. Does the NMC give the nurses a chance to vote about this? I think not - please include us, YOUR NURSES in the decision making processes.
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As a Practice nurse who has had no pay rise in the past 8 years I find this increase in fees insulting. Nurses pay rise percentages have not kept pace with the cost of living, and despite being paid lip service by the NMC that we are professionals, their thievery proves we are just an open pocket to them. They want so they get. Well NMC get your house in order. Instead of employing more white collar staff which nurses foot the bill for, you need to cut your cloth according to its measure and each take on a greater workload for the same pay, as we have done for years.

£120!!!! I Object to being blackmailed into paying this and am seriously considering an Alternative career! Disgraceful! You should hang your heads in shame.

I am quite angry that nurses remain the poor relatives to other professions, and are even treated as such by their very own medical council. The NMC appears either very greedy or poorly managed to request this kind of escalation in fees into their pockets. It is further insult to injury. It is little wonder that we are so demoralised when our own nursing body considers us targets because we have no choice.

PS I am currently self funding my own nurse prescribing modules at a cost of £2000 as there is no funding available in my GP Practice. I have taken out a loan to facilitate this, because I take my own practice and development so seriously.
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As said before in letters to yourselves...this annual fee is ludicrous, and whoever agreed to a further increase should be shot.. Years ago we paid £60.00 every 3 years..all our qualifications were kept on file. Now we have to pay to screen every foreigner that visits our shores. The visiting personell should pay for their own screening (perhaps they do anyway!) What do we get from the RCN?? 1 or 2 really banal leaflets a year. None of us object to paying the RCN every year, but what is it exactly that you are doing for us? Fortunately I am close to retirement and will not be subjected to your outright greediness any more
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How very out of touch the NMC is. My local council has not raised council tax in a number of years due to being creative with their money. Come on NMC get in touch with how this affects the people, don’t just try and soften the blow by allowing us to spread payments.
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It would be helpful in the current climate if the NMC would facilitate a monthly direct debit arrangement to help members with this increase!
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At a time when we have gone so long without a pay rise the last thing the NMC should be going is raising registration fees.
They should be ashamed of themselves.
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I think the raise in NMC registration fee is outrageous particularly at a time when nurses are really feeling the pinch of not having a pay increase in nearly 5 years.

Surely the inflation of the NMC fee should try and keep in position with nurse’s wage inflation which is currently zero.

Is it any wonder that so many nurses are leaving the profession, I myself have already started looking into private sector work.

It is a very sad time when our own governing body are making bad decisions which will ultimately result in a dis-heartened nurse workforce and many excellent nurses will be lost to the private sector. I hope the NMC is prepared for what the future holds for the nursing profession.
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Why £20 and yes what are we paying for! this is becoming unbearable. those who make these decisions should consult common people.
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What exactly are we paying for? Rip off Britain!
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