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Over half a million people at risk of type-2 diabetes

New data found an 18% increase in cases of non-diabetic hyperglycaemia or pre-diabetes in 2023 compared to 2022, which is an ‘ever increasing challenge for the NHS’

Weight loss drugs not a ‘quick fix’ for aesthetics, warns NHS doctor

The warning was issued after people were found to misuse anti-obesity drugs to get ‘beach body’ ready for summer, leading to ‘dangerous consequences’

Glowing dye acts as ‘second pair of eyes’ to detect prostate cancer

The marker dye could help surgeons remove cancerous cells and prevent ‘life-changing’ side effects

Tiger mosquitoes behind ‘rapidly rising’ dengue in Europe

An invasive species of Asian mosquitoes could be causing dengue fever across Europe, with warnings issued about a further increase in cases in the coming years

Urgent E. coli warning after outbreak of more than 100 cases in the UK

More than 100 E. coli cases in a fortnight are suspected to be caused by a ‘nationally distributed food item’

Man dies from first human strain of H5N2 bird flu

The 59-year-old died of a new strain of bird flu not previously seen in people, but no other cases have been discovered so far

NICE approves diabetes drug to treat obesity

Tirzepatide, a type-2 diabetes drug has been recommended as a treatment for obesity to help patients 'live longer and healthier lives'

Tories pledge £1billion to increase GP appointments

The party has promised to build 100 new GP surgeries to make it ‘quicker, easier and more convenient for patients to receive the care they need,’ if they win the election

RCN chief steps down to stand for Parliament

The head of the Royal College of Nursing has stepped down to run for Sinn Féin in the UK general election, announcing that it is the ‘right time for me to step forward into the political arena’

Thousands of cancer patients to benefit from personalised vaccines

NHS cancer patients are expected to get access to the latest vaccine technology, hailed as a ‘landmark’ moment to stop the disease

Labour promises £1.4 billion to cut NHS waiting list in five years

The party has pledged an extra 40,000 appointments, scans and operations each week to get the NHS ‘back on its feet’, if it wins the election

Melanoma skin cancer rates rise by a third in 10 years

Skin cancer rates increased by 57% in people aged over 80 and by 7% in those aged between 25 and 49, reflecting a ‘concerning’ trend in the UK

NHS England head offers ‘heartfelt’ apology for victims of infected blood scandal

Amanda Pritchard has acknowledged the poor processes and failures that led to the greatest scandal in the NHS’s history

Health leaders react to general election announcement

The RCN and BMA have urged politicians to make NHS their top priority, and warn against using it as ‘a political football’

‘Alarming’ rise in type 2 diabetes among under 40s

Almost 168,000 people under 40 are living with the condition in the UK, reflecting a ‘troubling growing trend’ of serious health conditions in young people

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