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Raising male awareness of breast cancer

The lower rate of breast cancer in men does not equate to immunity

New support for NHS to treat gambling addiction

The Government has announced that it will provide £100 million of new funding for prevention and treatment of gambling addiction.

Integrating international nurses ‘vital’ to retain staff amidst rising vacancies

A new report has called for effective strategies to integrate and retain overseas nurses to fill the UK's high number of nursing vacancies.

The unwelcome return of bed bugs

Mark Greener looks at the resurgence of these pests, and what it means for public health in the UK

RCN demands all general practice nursing staff receive a pay rise in England

The Royal College of Nursing has called for all GP practice employers in England to provide their nursing staff with a pay increase, after the confirmation of additional funding by the Government.

Diagnosis and management of cellulitis in a primary care setting

Margaret Perry looks at what nurses need to known about this common skin infection

Government warned of 'unintended consequences' of a vape ban

While ASH is sympathetic to the call for banning vapes, it said ‘the risk of unintended consequences is too great for us to support a ban.’ However it advises that care must be taken to not promote...

Liver cancer dramatically rising in economically deprived areas

A new report by the British Liver Trust shows that liver cancer is rising dramatically across the country, particularly in areas of economic deprivation

Labour’s emphasis on primary and community care welcomed

Wes Streeting, the shadow health secretary, has been praised by health organisations such as the King’s Fund, after he highlighted the importance of primary and community care in his speech to the...

RCN survey reveals the significant inequalities in NHS mental health care

Around 95% of respondents to a new survey from the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) believe that mental health care inequality exists

Dentists ‘crucial’ to eating disorder diagnosis

Research has found that nine in ten patients with bulimia, and one in ten patients with anorexia suffer from poor oral health. While most eating disorders go undiagnosed, physical manifestations can...

RCN condemns ‘divisive’ rise in visa costs for overseas nursing staff

The RCN has raised ‘serious’ concerns in a letter to the Home Secretary on planned increases in visa costs

Record levels of HIV testing among gay and bisexual men

The latest data from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) shows highest ever uptake of HIV testing among some groups

NHS urges millions to book flu jabs online

The NHS has announced that millions will be able to book their flu vaccines online.

NHS delivers over one million COVID-19 vaccines in just one week

More than one million COVID-19 vaccines were given in a single week, NHS England has announced.

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